Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day: Disney moms

Happy Mothers Day!
Mother's day just passed, but that doesn't mean we should stop celebrating moms! Being thankful for the mother in our life should be exercised daily. Here are some great examples of the qualities we love in our mom!

1. Like Rapunzel's mom, mothers are caring and nurturing. They won't give up on us no matter how long we've been lost and they will never stop looking for us. When they find us, they always welcome us with open arms.

2. Like Tarzan's mom,  moms endure lots of hardship, yet they still maintain the stature of being an amazing mother. Her love is never ending.

3. Like Tarzan's adopted mom, they love us dearly dearly. Even when we are very different from anyone else in the family, moms encourage us to be ourselves and that even though we are two worlds, we are still one family.

4. Wendy's mom is just like her daughter. She loves storytelling and promotes Wendy's stories of Peter's adventures. Like mothers today, creativity is encouraged despite the strict rules others may establish.

That's all for tonight folks! And remember to give your mom a hug and kiss tonight and tell her how much you love her. 

God Bless!