Thursday, November 14, 2013

Disney Trivia: #1

Hello Disney Freaks! It's been a while and I figured that some Disney Fun Facts would help tame your child within as well as educate you like a sophisticated adult (well, almost sophisticated...we still hug stuffed animals and scream like a 3 year old when we hear a Disney song). I think, however, that shaking up the routine a little bit will be a fun experiment. Instead of me giving you all the information, you now get to guess the answers, and find how much you truly know about Disney. Are you up to the challenge? Let's see how much of a Disney Freak you truly are! 
So here it goes folks! Disney Trivia #1!

1. How old was Walt Disney when he grew his famous mustache?

2. Steamboat Willie (Mickey Mouse's first film appearance) debuted on November 28,  _________. 

3. Disney's film Ratatouille was nominated for ___ academy awards. 

4. Disneyland opened in what year?

5. Walt Disney was born on December 5. ____.

6. Walt's first movie was ______________.

7. Sleeping Beauty was made in what year? 

8.  What role was Billy Crystal first offered before his role in  Mosters inc. 

9. What was the last movie approved by Walt Disney before his death?

10. Finish the lyric: "Lets get down __ _______ __ ______ ____ ____"

Answers: 1. 25   2. 1928  3. 5  4. 1955  5. 1901  6. Snow White  7. 1959  8. Buzz Light year  9. The Aristocats   10. business to defeat the huns.

If you answered 8 or more right you are a master! Get on that Disney name tag and get to work!

If you answered 6 or more right you are Disney Wiz.

If you answered 4 or more right, its not bad! Keep up the work and you will be a master in no time.

If you answered less than four, you need a little boost of Disney magic. sorry:(

*Post your scores to compare with other followers*

Goodnight Disney Freaks and always remember "If your heart is in your dreams, no request is too extreme. -Jimminy Cricket

God Bless!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Thanksgiving is on it's way!!!

Hello Disney Freaks! I hope you all had a very fun  Halloween, and now that all that dressing up, ghosts, and vampires have all been done...It's Holiday Time! Thanksgiving is just around the corner and Christmas and New Years are soon to follow! It's time to start anticipating the family unity of Thanksgiving and the bustling stampedes of Black Friday. Here are some Ideas to help you better plan the kickoff of the holiday season:

Sleeping Beauty Castle shimmers with icicles and light during Holiday Time at Disneyland Resort

* If you haven't visited Disneyland yet or perhaps you have a lingering ticket or are fortunate enough to have a Disney pass, November is as good a time as any to visit the HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH. Starting on November 12th through January 6, Disneyland will be transformed into a Winter Wonderland, and yes...Disneyland DID just get better. Disney has multiple Christmas festivities during this time such as parades, Disneyland's annual Candlelight Processional, and much more! To learn more visit to find out specific dates, times, etc.


* If you or the mother in your household is not the most gifted cook, don't fret! The Disneyland Hotel has a huge Thanksgiving feast with lots of turkey, desserts, and an abundance of Thanksgiving foods. It's a great way to enjoy your Thanksgiving meal with your family and many of your favorite Disney friends!

* Make sure you carefully plan your Christmas couponing and sales ahead of time so you don't get stampeded in the stores (especially on Black Friday, yikes, what a crowd!). The Disney store has multiple clearance items you can get such as mugs, stuffed animals, backpacks, etc. They also have plenty of Frozen merchandise you can purchase such as barbies for the little ones, ore even yourself...don't be ashamed!We've all snuck a little playtime with our old dolls. :D 

* Lastly, make sure you see Disney's newest movie Frozen!!! In theater's November 27th! So excited!
If it's anything like Tangled, I am ecstatic to see what Disney's created now!

Well, sadly, that's all for now folks! 
And remember: "Live every moment as not to regret what you are about to do." - Walt Disney
God Bless and good night Disney Freaks!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Halloween Tips

Hey guys! It's been October for a while now, so it's about time you start thinking about your Halloween plans. Personally, I do not believe in the "evil" and "dark" aspect of Halloween, but I must say that I truly  do love the candy, dressing up, and jack o lanterns! Anyway, here's some great ideas to help spice up your Halloween with a spark of DISNEY!

1. Buy Disney candy to pass out. Anything with a Disney character on it will most likely earn your favor with the neighborhood kids.

2. If your planning on trick or treating, better go in style. Don't carry around a cliche pumpkin bag , instead, buy a Disney themed bad instead! 

3. Carve Disney Pumpkins! You can find stencils at:

4. Dress up as a Disney Character! Weather your trick or treating, or simply watching t.v. and passing out candy, everyone would love to see you as a Disney Character...and I'm pretty sure you wouldn't mind it yourself anyways!

5. Make special themed desserts for Halloween. Recipes are also on, they have everything on that site... it's my fave!


6. Eat caramel apples! Bonus points if you can make a Disney parks designed one!

7. Don't forget to watch the NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS! It's a vital Halloween classic!

8. Lastly, If you have no plans, Mickey's Halloween party is a great way to spend your Halloween. (More info on this to come;) 

Well that's all for tonight folks!!! And remember...there are two words that help you get through life, it's Called, "HAKUNA...MATATA"!!!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Disney Brothers Studio

Walt (bottom row, right) and his staff at the Hyperion studio.Hey Disney Freaks! Today is yet another day in Disney history. 90 years ago on October 16, 1923 was the official start of the Disney company (AKA The Disney Brothers Studio). On this day, Walt Disney signed a contract with M.J. Winkler to start off this new and amazing company that would, unknowingly, develop into all the Disney wonders the globe knows today (Disneyland, Walt Disney World, Aulani, Disney movies,... a truly endless list). It was here in his new studio that Walt and his brother Roy created cartoon clips called the Alice Comedies. Only three years later was Mickey Mouse created and eventually,  the whole Mickey gang with Minnie, Donald, Goofy,... you name it! Along with all their local success was their newly found global success with the production of Snow White in 1937. If you wish to find out more you can visit the bottom link. It has a bunch of facts about the start of the Disney Studio. Well sadly, that has to be all for tonight folks, but remember to always keep Disney's success in your dreams because one day you may just be as successful as him  After all, "It was all started by a mouse" -Walt Disney.
     Oswald the Lucky Rabbit -Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. One of Disney's                                                                                                   earliest cartoons.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Disney Fun Facts: #2

 Hey Disney Freaks! you have to agree that this is the perfect explanation of our love for Disneyland. In rain, shine, sleet, and snow, being at Disneyland is still the happiest place on earth for us! So besides this awesome picture...I thought you would all be interested in another Disney Fun Facts. So here it goes! 

Disney Fun Facts: #2

1.  The voices of Minnie and Mickey were actually married in real life! 
     Talk about true love! 

2.  Ever wonder what's inside Matterhorn! Not just Tinkerbell,       
     before she leaps off during the awesome firework spectacular!
     But an actual basketball court! With it's single hoop and petite   
     playing space, you can actually play basketball in the snowy
     mountain top!

3.  The wizard, Yen Sid, from Fantasia's name is actually only "Disney" spelled backwards?

4.  3 babies have actually been born in the Disneyland park! I don't know about you, but I wish that was me!
'    It's like being a citizen of the U.S. and Disneyland! What are the chances!?!?

5.  Walt Disney had actually played Peter Pan in a school play as a child!

Well that's it for now Disney Freaks! Get a good nights sleep! Ta Ta for Now!

And remember never to be afraid of standing out from the crowd. After all being different and going beyond others' expectations always conclude with this clever statement...

"It's kind of fun to do the impossible" -Walt Disney

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Fall is in the Air!

Hello Disney Freaks! Fall is underway and pumpkin scents are in the air! This is the start of, in my opinion, the most beautiful season to behold in Southern California! So, in order to start out the Fall season and start a few Halloween is a list of ideas and websites you can visit to make Fall even more interesting and, well,...Disney!

1. Here's my favorite site for pumpkin carving stencils. They post Christmas, Easter, and everyday crafts and activities! Even recipes!
2. Always remember to watch The Nightmare Before Christmas!
3. Visit Disneyland's Halloween time at least once!
4. Dress as a Disney Character! Here's a random website i found for woman's Disney costumes:
5. Lastly, as a Christian, sometimes Halloween isn't exactly the most pure holiday. So remember to only celebrate the positive aspects of Halloween such as the Candy, costumes, and carving pumpkins. Disney characters can be the most fun character you could ever dress up as. Plus, it helps that its a more wholesome way to dress up for Halloween. But remember to be safe and remember "Adults are only kids grown up, anyway" so don't be afraid to sneak and get some candy!
Sweet Dreams Disney Freaks! TTFN!


Friday, October 4, 2013

Disney Fun Facts: #1

Hello Disney Freaks! Nice to finally talk to you again! So I have been researching interesting Disney facts lately out of extreme boredom, and in doing so I have successfully discovered the secret to killing the boredom of school and make learning fun again! Its called Disney-cation! It's not really a word nor a legitimate thinking process, but hey! It's fun right!? So here it goes, 5 interesting Disney facts for the day!

1.  Walt Disney helped with anti-Nazi Propaganda in World War 2. This one is called "Der Fuerer's Face". You can look it up on Youtube...its quite patriotic and entertaining.

2. Snow white is only 14 years old! She should be married with 4 kids by the time shes my age ! And I'm still young!!!

3. Ariel is said to be the only Princess shown to have a child (aka Melony).

4. The voice of Aladdin (speaking voice that is)is also Steve from "Full House"! What a cutie  I mean voice wise that is...*blush*

5. Walt Disney was afraid of mice!Weather its a rumor or the truth, no one can be certain but it sure is ironic!

Well that's all for tonight guys! Ta Ta for now and remember..."When you wish upon a star...makes NO DIFFERENCE WHO YOU ARE..."

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Mickey Mouse Club

Hey Disney Freaks!
Guess what today is!? You guessed it! In history, today (58 years ago on October 3rd 1955) was the premier of the Mickey Mouse Club! :) It was an old fashioned black and white television show that was an hour long in the years 1955-1957 and was cut to 30 min. from 1957-1959. This was the start of the mickey mouse ears I know you all secretly wear when no ones looking (shhhh....don't worry i wont tell if you don't:)) and was aired eight months before Disneyland Resort opened...and yes I do date all of history based on the year 1955. Its a big year you have to admit!!! Anyway I wish you Disney Freaks all have a good nights rest and hum a little Disney tune in your heart all night long! Oh yeah, and don't ever grow up! Life can get hard, but being young at heart makes it a heck of allot easier! After all, "Adults are only kids grown up, anyway" -Walt Disney
Now Mouseketeers
there's one thing we want you
always to remember.
Come along and sing our song
and join our family
Through the years we'll all
be friends
wherever we may be.
Mickey Mouse
Mickey Mouse
forever let us hold our
banner high.
Now its time to say goodbye
to all our company.
see you real soon
why? because we like you
Nite Disney Freaks! Ta ta for now!
For more info on the Mickey Mouse Club Visit:

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Disney Beginnings

Since this is my first blog, I thought I'd start with a brief description of the year 1955, the first day/ opening of Disneyland Resort. The history of anything sounds boring to most people, but guess what!? We are DISNEY FREAKS! If your anything like me you are sitting at your computer right now with childish googly eyes in anticipation as if you just saw mickey mouse! So here it goes...Disneyland opened on July 17, 1955 to "invitation only" ticket holders (#6,000 invited...22,000 more showed up on counterfeit tickets). Sadly not everything went right on the first day (Plumbers strike so few water rides open, crowded, extremely hot, etc.) But hey! He got good business right!? The next day, July 18, 1955, Disneyland was opened to the public for a very expensive entrance fee of 1$. Wow, hows that for sarcasm! I want to go back to that time period and just go to Disney all my life! Anyway...back to the facts. This hot and messy day eventually led to DCA, Disney Cruise Line, and so many more international miracles! This just proves never to be discouraged when things don't go your way. You may just end up with a huge business, items on every shelf, an internationally famous name, and hey! A few million dollars wont hurt right? Anyway, feel free to ask me to post anything and stay tuned for more Random Disney talk!
After all "What would the world be like without Disneyland!" or was it captain Hook...oh well! Ta ta for now Disney Freaks!