Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Disney: Why it's magical

I have been spending allot of time in Disneyland lately, and I've come to wonder why Disneyland is so magical! I mean, beyond any other form of entertainment or amusement, Disney seems to be the only one to have obtained the ultimate element...MAGIC!

It's all in the detail! Disney undoubtedly waists no time when it comes to details. From the hidden mickeys, to the character-based bathroom stalls, everything has a theme! 

You can experience every element of adventure all in one place! I am at my most joyous state when I can be rescued by Indiana Jones and explore uncharted galaxies all in one day! Not to mention being a princess and a pirate all at once! Living every second of the day with adventure is magic... pure magic! And you can only experience it all through Disney!

The music! The music is the happy thought that makes you fly with a pinch pixie dust! In no other genre of music can you feel all the extreme emotions of love, bravery, joy, and adventure! It's all of our dreams rolled into one soundtrack! 

Disney movies are the pixie dust that allows all of the magic to take flight! It's hard to explain why this one is magical, but it undoubtedly is. It's just something you cant explain, but it brings tears of joy in the nostalgia of growing up a Disney kid and of the memories and love it has brought and continues to bring to you and your family.

Well that's all for tonight folks! Though I could rave about Disney all night long it's time I bid you a good night filled with dreams and pixie dust!
God Bless!
"All it takes is faith and trust, and a little bit of pixie dust!