Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Peter Pan's Flight: Just a Little More of Pixie Dust

Hello fellow Disney freaks!

If you thought that Peter Pan's Flight was already a magical attraction, guess again! On July 1 of 2015, Peter Pan's Flight re-opened with some more pixie dust in hand.

 After what seemed like a long coming refurbishment, the ride re-opened with some new and exciting additions to the classic journey. Although it's been open to the public for nearly a year now, I didn't get the opportunity until recently to take the journey myself. So now that I have, here are my thoughts on the refurbished Peter Pan's Flight!

Peter Pan was already a magical experience, but it was missing some pixie dust. Not to say that Tinker Bell wasn't already flying around spreading her magic, but now the guests can see the pixie dust being sprinkled throughout the ride. This makes the ride seem very live and engaging. It reminds us that all we need in life is a little, "faith, trust, and pixie dust."

The story is now lead by Peter's very own shadow! From the nursery, you can see Peter's animated shadow flying on the wall. Not only are we seeing Peter Pan's story, but we get to follow his shadow to Neverland just like Michael, John, and Wendy!

There are some subtle additions that take some effort to notice. One is Peter, Wendy, John, and Michael flying onto the Big Ben clock in London. Big Ben itself is quite small as you venture over, but if you pay close attention you can see them on their way to Neverland!

There are a few more new additions to the attraction, but I'll leave that for you to discover. Most of them are subtle differences, but it makes the ride all the more magical while keeping true to the original and authentic 1955 adventure!

Well that's all for tonight folks! Have a spectacular night and always remember, "NEVER GROW UP!"

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